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AICAR, also known as ZMP, is a peptide. It’s an analog of AMP, which can stimulate the AMPK or AMP-dependent kinase activity.  It were also an intermediate within the inosine monophosphate generation and connected to metabolic regulation. AICAR is best used as an inclusion to an endurance stack. Athletes also use it for performance enhancing in sports where they need endurance.


The medical use of AICAR is to restrict ischemia or the tissues’ blood supply. In the 1980s, they sometimes use for preserving the heart’s blood flow. AICAR also has a promise when it comes to treating diabetes because of its capability of increasing the tissues’ metabolic ability, which it does by modifying the muscle’s composition.

How it Works

When AICAR triggered the AMPK, it will lead to the cells of the skeletal muscle to take up glucose. In the studies conducted by the Salk Institute and Howard Hughes Medical Centre, the mice given with AICAR were able to run by 44% without needing to train. It’s not surprising that when athletes heard about this compound, they began to use it without fearing testing or regulation up until 2011.

Potent Endurance Stacking with AICAR and GW-501516

GW and AICAR are both banned substances in WADA. When used together, these two compounds can make one excellent endurance stack. The two compounds are different from each other, and one such difference is that while GW is a PPAR-delta, AICAR, on the other hand, is a PPAR-delta AMPK axis agonist.

Other differences include the doping. It’s easy to detect GW in urine tests for up to 40 days. It’s because this is not a compound commonly occurring in the body. On the other hand, AICAR naturally occurs in the body, so it is a lot difficult to detect. For this reason, they developed a baseline value that allows easy detecting if a person is doped in AICAR.

Still, even with the baseline, it remains difficult to catch is a person is doped in AICAR then with GW. The significant difference between the two is the higher price of AICAR compared to GW. You can generally purchase GW from legitimate sources. You can also run it at around 20 mg each day, which is the maximum recommended dose. It will cost you only around $100 every month.

It’s different with AICAR with a price that can go from $30 to $50 for a 50 mg bottle. Moreover, you will need to purchase more than one bottle a day if you want to have the results you expect. At a minimum, you will likely spend around $90 to $300 every day. It might be supposed to have such a high price for AICAR considering its vast effects.


The dosages for AICAR can range from 150 mg every day, if you stack it with GW, to around 500 mg per day when you use it on its own. Every bottle usually comes in 50 mg dosages, so it’s evidently expensive as already stated before. For this reason, it makes sense to use it in the last four weeks before the day of the competition.


AICAR is known for its incredible effect on increasing endurance levels and burning fat. Numerous studies show AICAR often research on mice where it’s proved to induce metabolic genes. It’s capable of improving one’s running endurance significantly. AICAR can do enhance endurance by transforming fast-twitch muscle fibers into becoming a fat-burning, more energy-efficient, slow-twitch fibers.

Researchers developed AICAR for treatment of leukemia as well as, potentially, maybe even diabetes. AICAR is an AMP-activated protein kinase activator, which is an enzyme that handles metabolic processes sustaining life. A study conducted by the Sulk Institute shows that AICAR can improve your endurance by changing the fast-twitch fibers into slow-twitch fibers.

Peptides still aren’t cleared to be used by humans. But again, many bodybuilders and athletes use AICAR for improving their endurance and performance. Many bodybuilders are interested in AICAR’s incredible fat-burning capabilities. As for athletes, they often use this particular peptide for endurance sports believing it will help increase their endurance levels.

Is it Safe for Female Test Subjects to Use AICAR and GW?

It’s perfectly safe for female test subjects to use both AICAR and GW. They are not hormones compound, which means females are sure to enjoy all the fantastic benefits of AICAR and GW without worrying it might have virilization effects. Using AICAR helps to attack fat stores as well as increase the body’s fatty acid metabolism so that exercise pays off in helping you lose weight.


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