Melanotan 1


Melanotan 1


10 mg Vial

Melanotan 1 is a research peptide, a chemical that is much the same as a hormone in the human body. It is essentially used to tan the skin and isn’t to be confused with melatonin. It is also used to prevent cancer that may be as a result of too much sun exposure.

Peptides like this are found in freeze-dried form, another name for the lyophilised form. It is a white powder or in pellet form.

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Melanotan 1 Peptide vial Canada

How does Melanotan 1 work?

Melanotan 1 works by stimulating the bodies own melanocytes. It is similar to the melanocyte-stimulating hormone which increases the production of skin darkening pigments.

If you’re on holiday on the beach or backpacking, for instance, you can take it with you. Essentially you can dissolve your freeze-dried powder into a liquid ready for injection or you can prepare it for nasal administration, see our nasal sprays HERE.

How to Mix your Melanotan 1

  • Take your Melanotan vial and remove the top of the vial
  • Insert a syringe into the vial and hold it upside down
  • Withdraw 50 units of water and inject into the Melanotan vial
  • Refrigerate until used.

Why Choose Melanotan 1 Canada?

Most people want a good-looking tan but they don’t want to stay out in the sun hour after hour for fear of developing skin cancer because of excessive exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays. Now with Melanotan 1, you can have a tan without the sun. It is a product for anyone who finds it difficult to tan with lying in the sun.

Side Effects

There aren’t many side effects with Melanotan 1 which is safer than Melanotan 2. Unfortunately, some people have spoken of increased blood pressure, but used correctly, the occurrence of this is rare.

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