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PT-141 or Bremelanotide is a synthetic peptide developed from Melanotan 2 (MT-II). It’s a generic term referring to the new pharmaceutical-grade synthetic aphrodisiac peptide. PT-141 has created the issue of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men and the sexual arousal disorder in women.

There is a significant percentage of both men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction. PT-141 is a synthetic aphrodisiac peptide developed to help these men and women. There is a difference between PT-141 and Viagra as well as other medications.

Viagra and similar sex supplements work in the vascular system. PT-141, however, works directly to the hypothalamus to increase your desire. For that reason, Viagra, Levitra, and other medications are not precisely an aphrodisiac since they don’t directly affect the libido.

Treatment using PT-141 and PDE5 inhibitors do have a synergistic effect. While initially tested as an agent for sunless tanning, it showed unexpected side effects of spontaneous erections and sexual arousal.

In clinical trials of PT-141, it is useful in treating erectile dysfunction both in male and in the female. PT-141 is a cyclic heptapeptide lactam analog of alpha-MSH, which activates the central nervous system’s the melanocortin receptors MC3-R and MC4-R.

How Does PT-141 Come?

Bremelanotide peptide is available in 10mg vials, which is a lot to consume. You may be able to obtain up to 20 doses with a 10mg vial if you dose lightly. Even if you reconstitute a PT-141 peptide with bacteriostatic water, it is still potent when stored for months inside the fridge.

The most efficient way to consume PT-141 is through a sub-q injection just like with insulin. Oral and nasal are both inefficient while nasal sprays, loose powder or pills are not legal. Some say successful reports with nasal and snorting, but there are very few of them.


The doses for PT-141 are 0.30mg for trial, 0.70mg for average, 1mg for optimal, 1.5mg is strong, and 2mg is extra strong. You consume Bremelanotide when injected subcutaneously, which opens you to a world of possibilities.

After taking it, you can have strength and desires a couple of hours later. Compared to some other marketed aphrodisiacs, PT-141 provides you with a unique opportunity that can last for six to seventy-two hours. Take it one to two hours before your desired time to feel the effects.

What are the Effects of PPPT-141?

Pt-141 does make you feel not only good but also sexually aroused. According to an anonymous patient in a clinical trial, taking it will make you feel more energetic and younger. It increases libido, making you have the urge and to be in the mood.

It’s unclear exactly how PT-141 does its job. The rough idea is that PT-141 goes directly to the brain instead of acting on the circulatory system like with Viagra. From the brain, it goes on to switch the neural circuit responsible for making a person feel sexually aroused.

Does it Involve Any Reconstituting?

There is reconstituting involved when taking PT-141. It’s recommended to use bacteriostatic water, but it’s hard to get since it’s a prescription-only product. You can also use sterile water if you can’t get bacteriostatic water.  In mixing the bac water and vial, use a syringe.

Grab your vial of bac water, withdraw one full ml or 1 cc of water and inject into the PT-141. Aim the needle to the glass, so it trickles down and doesn’t harm the peptide. Swirl gently to mix the vial thoroughly until the peptide is dissolved.

A reconstituted PT-141 using bac water can be preserved for six to twelve months. If you use sterile water, Pt-141 can last for up to a month before it degrades. If you’re using sterile water in reconstituting, it’s best to pre-load your syringes and store them inside the freezer.

How to Store Pt-141/

The vials of PT-141 must be freeze-dried, so it remains stable at room temperature. When freeze-dried, it can last one to two months. It’s recommended to store them in the freezer for long-term storage where they can remain for up to 24 months, when in powdered form. When the PT-141 is mixed, you can’t store it at room temperature. This time, you can only save it in the fridge to remain stable.


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